14 Horrific Job Postings That Prove Companies Don't Give A Crap About Their Employees

    These are pathetic.

    1. This posting that does not allow for "unavoidable emergency situations" during a pandemic:

    2. This posting that's looking for a candidate who doesn't mind verbal abuse:

    3. This posting that's offering $11/hour while also requiring someone with a bachelor's degree:

    4. This posting that's asking for way more than just IT support:

    5. This posting that wants an "overqualified" person to perform "non-glamorous tasks":

    6. This posting that's really fibbing on their pay range:

    7. This posting for a non-paying job that, again, requires a bachelor's degree:]

    8. This posting that requires a master's degree but is offering a salary as low as $25,000:

    9. This posting that is actually asking for someone who "will work for peanuts":

    10. This posting that's asking for both a recent grad and 8–15+ years of experience:

    11. This posting that's "entry level":

    12. This posting that's real hypocritical:

    13. This posting that's annoyed no one is applying to the position, yet doesn't reveal the salary:

    14. And finally, this posting that's at least being honest: