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18 Horrific Bosses In 2021 That Made People Say, "Screw It — I'm Working From Home Forever"


1. This boss who treated their employee like garbage, and then had the nerve to ask them to sign an NDA:

2. This boss who didn't mind their words, and in result, lost an employee:

3. This boss who seems to be clueless as to why their employees keep quitting "without any warning":

4. This boss who gave their employee three-hours' notice about a workday (at 5 a.m., mind you):

5. This boss who immediately fires anyone that criticizes them:

6. This boss who equates torture to success:

7. This boss who doesn't understand the concept of vacation days:

8. This boss who was too little too late with their apology:

9. This boss who kept making their employee delay a crucial brain surgery:

10. This passive-aggressive boss with terrible grammar:

11. This boss who's already being rude before the first day of work even starts:

12. This boss who expected their employee to do work at midnight:

13. This boss who came up with a really pathetic work incentive plan:

14. This boss who apparently can't do simple math:

15. This boss who insists on making their employees' lives a lot more complicated:

16. This boss who seemingly had no issue with their employee having an 80-hour work week:

17. This boss who is unnecessarily rude to their 17-year-old employee:

18. And finally, this boss who might be on the verge of getting sued:

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