21 "Gross, But Satisfying" Photos For The Same Kind Of People Who Love Watching Pimples Get Popped

    It's OK — we won't tell anyone 😏.

    We've all got our guilty pleasures.

    For some people, it's watching The Kardashians:

    For others, it's eating a ton of candy in one sitting:

    And then...there are the people who like to get down and dirty on the internet — and I'm not talking about watching porn. I'm talking about the beautiful weirdos who can't get enough of pimple popping, earwax removal, toilet cleaning, skin peeling, and other nasty content.

    But hey, why shouldn't those folks have their fun too?! Without further ado, here are 21 photos to help scratch that itch:

    1. This perfect sweat stain:

    2. This oh-so-satisfying hairbrush cleanup:

    3. This drain unclogging:

    4. This earwax removal:

    5. This peeling sunburn:

    6. These lint layers:

    7. This remote residue:

    8. This jar full of flies:

    9. These peeking roots:

    10. This grassy mop:

    11. This USA-shaped piece of skin:

    12. This bountiful hair follicle:

    13. This foot mold:

    14. This monstrous drain clog:

    15. These wart holes:

    16. This eyeball cleaning:

    17. And this belly button cleaning:

    18. These oil plugs:

    19. This polish picking:

    20. This eye-shaped bruise:

    21. And finally, this sign of new life: