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    This Girl Accidentally Pouring A Whole Bucket Of Sugar Into Her Kool-Aid Has Become A Viral Meme About God

    "God adding a splash of forehead when he was creating me."

    A viral TikTok of a little girl accidentally pouring an entire container of sugar into a pitcher of Kool-Aid has become the latest blessing to grace our Twitter feeds.

    Speaking of blessings, Twitter users have decided to turn the video into a meme about God adding way too much of a certain quality when creating humans. Here are some of the funniest ones:

    1. God pouring in some forehead.

    God adding a splash of forehead when he was creating me

    2. God dumping in audacity.

    God adding audacity when he made men

    3. God throwing in some horniness.

    4. God gifting a heaping of attitude.

    God adding a splash of attitude to my recipe when creating me

    5. God adding a splash of stupid.

    God adding a splash of stupid when he was creating me

    6. God pouring in some slow metabolism.

    god adding ‘slow metabolism’ when making me

    7. God mixing in some ugly.

    8. God adding the annoying trait.

    god making me and adding the annoying trait

    9. God putting in the sarcasm.

    God adding sarcasm when making me

    10. God blending in the funny.

    11. God pouring in "turns everything into a joke."

    God adding “ turns everything into a joke “ inside my DNA

    12. God throwing in a heaping dose of spoiled brat.

    13. God mixing sensitive into the DNA.

    God adding ‘sensitive’ to my DNA

    14. God playing around with "overthinker."

    God adding “over thinker” when making me

    15. God unloading "play too much."

    God adding “play too much” when creating me

    The video didn't originate on TikTok. It appears to come from this YouTube video, which was allegedly uploaded by the girl's mom, but there's no confirmation.

    I have no clue who this girl is, but TBH, I'm gonna choose to believe she's God.