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    Feb 25, 2020

    The Gender Swap Filter Makes Girls Look Just Like Their Dads And Here Are The TikToks To Prove It

    Welcome to the Twilight Zone.

    There's a new trend on TikTok that's creeping me out but also making me laugh. I'm confused. Is it heinous or hilarious? Perhaps you can help me decide.

    @brittany_broski / TikTok

    Girls on TikTok are using a gender swap filter that makes them look exactly like their dads.

    And I mean...EXACTLY.

    @canndelaria / TikTok every daughter just a secret clone of their father?

    What is this dark magic?!

    @yourmomhayley / TikTok

    I'm overwhelmed!!!


    Lmao it wouldn’t let me duet but I had to do this also my dad is not an alcoholic I SWEAR all credit 2 yourmomhayley #greenscreen #greenscreenvideo

    ♬ I dont want you no longer know - aesthetics.a


    @boolinnjuulin / TikTok

    I decided to sacrifice my face to this trend to see if the sorcery worked on me. I apologize in advance for any nightmares that may follow the viewing of this image.

    Daniella Emanuel / BuzzFeed

    In conclusion, I think it worked. I'm sorry you had to see that. *Sheds skin.* Ladies, please give this a try with the gender swap filter on Snapchat and submit a comparison photo of you and your dad!


    Your submission might just make it into a BuzzFeed post! Warning, an existential crisis may ensue.


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