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    17 Tweets About Boyfriends That Are Petty, True, And Hilarious

    Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em.

    1. The silence.

    me : *uploads a picture* my boyfriend : my girlfriends : MY FUCKING WIFE😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    2. The double standard.

    me making fun of my boyfriend- funny, hilarious, 10/10, post everywhere, super witty my boyfriend teasing me about one little thing- mean, probably gonna cry about it, will think about it for 27 days, toxic relationship

    3. The contrast.

    what i snapchat my boyfriend: nudes what he snapchat’s me: a 2 minute long video of him going through a car wash

    4. The real reason you're dating.

    leaving my boyfriend's with like 4 extra hoodies, we did it girls... we did it!

    5. The tea.

    I didn’t see my boyfriend for 3 days and when we sat down to eat at a restaurant he pulled out a piece of paper and said “I had so much tea to spill I didn’t want to forget any details” LMFAOOO

    6. The performance.

    When my boyfriend makes a valid argument and I gotta focus to fake cry

    7. The audacity.

    I’m on my period and my boyfriend just texting me saying “How’s my little ketchup packet doing?” I-

    8. The comeback.

    i told my boyfriend i was hungry and he fuckin replied with “then eat these vibes”

    9. The harsh reality.

    just remembered my boyfriend has given attention to other females before me x

    10. The routine.

    me waking my boyfriend up when I wake up at 5am and I want attention and cuddles:

    11. The insecurity.

    my boyfriend could buy a yacht and sail us across the Atlantic ocean to propose to me under the Eiffel Tower and in the back of my mind I'd still be like "idk if he really likes me likes me though"

    12. The innocence act.

    me when i pick a fight with my boyfriend then pretend that i didnt start it

    13. The anxiety.

    My boyfriend: Me: so ur telling me that if u walked into a room full of girls you’d talk to ME?! What if I didn’t have a nose???? And what if I was 6’4? And if I was wearing a shirt u thought was really ugly...???

    14. The mistake.

    My boyfriend meant to send this to me and sent it in the group chat with my mom 💀💀💀💀

    15. The guilty pleasure.

    me in the other room listening to how mad my boyfriend gets when he dies in a video game

    16. The one thing that's missing.

    my boyfriend says the sweetest things to me all the time but i can’t hear any of them over the sound of him not posting anything about me for national girlfriend day

    17. The truth.

    My boyfriend deadass the second funniest bitch I know. I’m first

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