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18 People Who Really Held Nothing Back On Their Airplane Flights

Ew, I can smell the airplane on these tweets.


So this random old lady i was sitting next to on my flight was staring at my phone the whole time so i had to catch her in the act


The lady that sat beside me on this flight ate my lunch. Her reason “you were asleep and I didn’t want the food to get cold and go bad.” Her courage is amazing. I’m still in awe.


a grown man on my flight is wearing salmon colored pants and also he’s fully barefoot and everybody is acting like we’re not in extreme danger


To the man on my flight yesterday, who watched what appeared to be an entire movie on a 7th generation iPod Nano, you are a national hero.


Bringing a tuna fish sub on this flight was a good idea. Everyone is looking at me like they should have thought of that.


went to board my flight and there was a guy sitting in my window seat and when i told him it was mine he said “but i want it” and if that’s not this whole fuckin country i don’t know what is


No, this is not my boyfriend, relative or anyone close to me. This is the passenger sitting in front of me on my flight to Rome. This sicko had the COJONES to do this 5 TIMES!! I had to sit sideways and the guy went as far as reclining his seat to try to reach me better.


My flight was delayed 3 hours so I was doing what any human does when they’re bored. Minding my own business swiping through tinder & the guy behind me goes “ouch hard no for that one?” And I turn around ONLY TO SEE THE MAN I JUST SWIPED NO ON BEHIND ME HAHAHA


I saw a man on my flight pull his phone out seemingly apropos of nothing add 200+300 (it was 500) then just put his phone away


i think my soulmate is the lady on my flight who just groaned thru the end of Grown Ups, rubbed her eyes in defeat, then started Grown Ups 2


Someone on my plane just asked for Diet Pepsi and was crestfallen when they only had Diet Coke, so if I am serial killed tonight you all know who did it.


The lady that brings snakes to school to show them just got on my plane. If a snake crawls out of her pocket I’m gonna go ape crap all over this flight.


why is a dog on my flight trying to airdrop me a photo of him?


There is a group of women getting on my flight and one has a shirt that says “just divorced” and the others have shirts that say “divorce support group” and they are all plastered. Those are the type of friends everyone needs in their life lmao


Someone on this plane had such strong perfume I was actually hoping for a mild disaster so the oxygen masks would drop


I found the most confusing person on earth: a woman who paid for WiFi on this flight and is reading the digital version of American Airlines magazine on her iPad.


Just airdropped this picture of my brother to everyone on this flight lol 🍿 #BandWantsPopcorn


really loving the program the guy next to me on this flight is watching