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19 Foolish 2022 Food Trends I Refuse To Stand Behind — Please Boycott Them With Me

Whoever came up with the "frozen eggs" hack does not deserve happiness.

1. Table spaghetti:

Spaghetti on a table

2. Croissants that are 90% Nutella:

Nutella spilling out of a croissant

3. Abby Shapiro's weird fried chicken ramen (with no noodles?!):

Fried chicken ramen

4. Cheese fry-encrusted corn dogs:

Corn dogs surrounded by cheese fries

5. Putting things that don't need to be in a lunch a lunch container:

Burgers in a lunch container

6. Using tomatoes as a bun substitute:

7. "Banana sushi," aka a $9 banana with Nutella on it from a vegan restaurant:

Banana covered in Nutella

8. Getting a 100x100 burger from In-N-Out:

a 100x100 burger

9. The Instagram frozen eggs trend:

Seasoned eggs on a plate

10. Enormous wasteful bowls of cereal:

Giant bowls of cereal

11. This monstrosity of a "burger":

Giant burgers with mac 'n' cheese

12. Fruity Pebbles-flavored syrup:

Fruity Pebbles syrup

13. Ridiculously long Starbucks orders:

A long Starbucks order receipt

14. "Edible rocks" served in conjunction with real rocks:

Edible rocks in a dish

15. Giving out scrambled eggs instead of candy on Halloween (and not providing any utensils):

A bowl of scrambled eggs for Halloween

16. Flamin' Hot Mountain Dew:

Flamin' Hot Mountain Dew

17. Deconstructed spaghetti:

Spaghetti ingredients in jars

18. Chicken churros:

Chicken churros

19. And finally, chicken and waffles on pizza:

Chicken and waffle pizza

Was there a 2022 food trend that pissed you off? Tell us in the comments for the chance to be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!

H/T: r/StupidFood