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    17 Foods That Need To Be Eaten In A Certain Location In Order To Taste Good

    They just hit different.

    Recently, Reddit user u/aPaperFastener raised a weirdly valid point about how some foods simply taste better in certain situations. For example, hot dogs are way more enjoyable at a baseball game.


    He decided to ask users to share other foods that are improved when eaten under certain circumstances. Here are some of the top-voted responses:

    1. "Ginger ale on an airplane."



    2. "Lemonade just doesn't taste the same when it's not summertime."


    3. "For some reason, I feel like eating a birthday cake at someone else’s party tastes better than eating a birthday cake at your own party."

    4. "Bacon and eggs while camping. Damn near anything cooked over an open flame in the woods hits differently."


    5. "Burgers in your backyard on a nice summer day."



    6. "Eating popcorn while watching a movie at the theater. Yes, it's overpriced, but one of my fondest memories was taking my kid to watch a movie right before COVID hit and sharing a big bag of popcorn with him in the theater."


    7. "Having a piña colada next to a pool."


    8. "Coke in a glass bottle at a restaurant."


    9. "Ever had wine in a thermos smuggled into theater in the park?"


    10. "A corndog at a carnival or funnel cake at a fair."


    11. "Ice cream from a stand or small shop is always better than eating it at home."


    12. "Chips at the beach, especially thin ones like Lay's."

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    13. "Nachos at a bowling alley. They are of EXTREMELY low quality, but something about bowling makes them taste sooo good."


    14. "McDonald’s in elementary school when your mom dropped you off after the doctor or dentist appointment — flexin' on your friends with them cheeseburgers or nugs."


    15. "PB&J tastes fantastic with the view from the top of a mountain you've just climbed."


    16. "Breakfast at a small-town diner. There's something comforting about having breakfast made by a (usually) family-owned establishment, especially in the South. The staff are sweet as can be and they take good care of ya, and usually call you little things like 'hun.'"


    17. And finally, "Alcoholic beverages taste better in the shower."

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    Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.