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    27 Times The Internet Made Me Lose Faith In Men — Not Humanity, Just Men

    It's taking everything in me not to block every man on my contact list.

    1. This "advice" for women:

    "Advice for yall females is to focus on ur looks over ur education, grades, work...I promise u us men dont care if u go to Harvard... we'd much rather take a cute face & nice waist."

    2. This female gamer discrimination:

    3. This sex ed lesson:

    4. This one, too:

    "It's not a myth. You break the hymen. You are no longer a virgin."

    5. This hot take about abortion:

    6. This embarrassing ignorance:

    7. This crap excuse for never bringing pleasure to a woman:

    8. This judgmental nonsense:

    Artem Furman / Alamy Stock Photo

    9. This dated take:

    10. This ridiculous stupidity:

    11. This BS meme:

    12. This frankly hilarious view on gendered products:

    13. This fake story:

    14. This bizarre hypothesis:

    15. This response to a wedding invite:

    16. This ludicrous desire:

    "One of the most beautiful things a woman can be is completely uninformed and uninterested in learning."

    17. This offensive dating profile:

    18. This twisted (and controlling) view on sexuality:

    19. This man who might not have a full grasp on his sexuality and makes gross comments as a cover:

    20. This post that managed to be racist and sexist at the same time:

    21. This outrageous commentary on motherhood:

    22. This quack science:

    23. Same with this:

    24. Don't forget this humiliating argument:

    25. This mind reader:

    26. And finally, this absolute idiot:

    H/T: r/NotHowGirlsWork

    27. And this: