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11 Ways Sex In Europe Is Different Than Sex In The United States

♫ Let's talk about sex, baby. ♫

It's no secret that the United States has a weird relationship with sex. The media is seemingly obsessed with sex and nudity, yet a large portion of the country preaches a very conservative approach toward sexuality. We are very confusing.

A girl looking confused, captioned "luv...that dont make no cents"

Europe, on the other hand, is way less uptight about sex. This was highlighted by a Reddit thread where user u/IrishMuffDragon asked Europeans to share some "sexual normalities" in their countries. Here are the top-rated replies:

1. "From my experience growing up in Sweden, when I was younger it was more normal for guys to go down on girls than girls to go down on guys. Some of my exes and friends that I knew only tried a little bit and not often until completion."

2. "Having sex with your significant other as a high schooler in your house when your parents are home, and your parents are chill with it."


3. "In the US, nudity seems to be always seen as sexual, while in Europe it depends on the context. A mixed gender sauna without clothes is common and nonsexual in many European countries."


4. "Because of the poor insulation and design in England, it is normal to hear your neighbors having sex."


5. "In France, people who have sex together don’t necessarily need to label every kind of physical/romantic relationship. You can be friends with someone and have romantic moments, then go back to being platonic."

6. "Public sex is a very normal thing here in the UK. Look up 'Dogging' — it's a massive thing nowadays."


7. "I don't get why the US is scared of nudity. It's almost like stereotypical Victorian era folk. Meanwhile, my boyfriend and I (not to mention our roommates) hang out naked whenever we can. The US would freak out over this."


8. "I'm Polish. I remember the Janet Jackson/Justin Timberlake drama. We couldn't believe our eyes. So her nipple showed — so what? I am still not sure what the issue was."

9. "Uncircumcised penises. I have only ever seen circumcised penises in porn. I find it weird that Americans are not only used to seeing them, but some will refuse to have sex with someone with an uncircumcised penis because they don't find it aesthetically pleasing."


10. "You can legally have sex at age 15 in Denmark, and as long the age difference isn't enormous, it's for the most part accepted."


11. And finally, "You can change into your bikini without a towel at a public beach and no one will die."

Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.