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    Someone Asked Elizabeth Warren What They Should Do About A Guy Ghosting Them And Her Response Was Golden

    "Give him up."

    Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren never fails to remind people of her campaign slogan, "Warren has a plan for that."


    So in an interview with Elle, she decided to prove that she means business by giving readers a game plan for their everyday issues.


    The first issue on the list? A reader who has fallen victim to a flakey jerk!

    How did Warren respond, you ask? "Give him up. You’re too good for him. If he wants to go silent, let him go. He is not the one for you. Guys who do that, nuh uh. You’re better than that," she said.

    I'm honestly here for this advice. I feel like the point she's making in this Q&A is pretty clear: If he's avoiding you, he's not worth it!


    But after she tweeted the video and said "Dump the guy who ghosted you," some people were a little confused.

    You deserve better. Dump the guy who ghosted you, convince the roommate to let you adopt a dog, and I'll take care of canceling your student loan debt!

    There were some questions about whether that makes any sense, since when a person is ghosted, they've essentially been dumped.

    how do you dump someone who ghosts you

    Isn't it hard to dump a guy who has already ghosted you?

    OK, so maybe Warren needs to brush up on her millennial slang, but if you actually watch the video, you'll know she has ghosting victims' best interests at heart!


    Remember y'all, if he's not answering your texts but is watching your stories...


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