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    Dunkin' Donuts Is Getting Trendy With Their New Breakfast Sandwich

    All I wanna know is how it pairs with their iced coffee.

    Hello fellow foodies (and those who choose not to identify as a foodie because it's extremely obnoxious)!

    I've gathered you here today to announce that Dunkin' Donuts is launching a breakfast sandwich with Beyond Meat vegan sausage in it.

    They're the latest fast food chain to hop on the trend of providing vegans and vegetarians who I guess have FOMO about not eating meat...with fake meat.

    And also expanding options for people who care about the environment and animal rights and stuff.

    Dunkin' will start selling the sandwiches Wednesday across 163 Manhattan store locations for $4.29, with eventual plans of releasing the breakfast item nationally.

    Even though I love meat, I've gotta say I'm pretty intrigued by this mysterious breakfast sammy. How will it pair with their infamous iced coffee? Is it capable of battling a violent hangover? Much to ponder.

    Shout out to New Yorkers for being guinea pigs in this fake meat experiment!