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    15 DIY Ideas That Sounded Great In People's Heads, But Were Horrifying Once They Were Executed

    These people DIYed too close to the sun...seriously.

    1. The "dragon cut":

    A cat with a dragon cut

    2. The bus door:

    A regular door on a school bus

    3. The earplug earrings:

    Ear plug earrings

    4. The bathroom art:

    A cone pooping cream on a wall

    5. The Jeeeep:

    A wide Jeep

    6. The wheels:

    A car with big wheels

    7. The coffee table:

    8. The pit stains:

    Pit stains with beads

    9. The ring:

    A ring with a cigarette holder

    10. The toilet:

    A toilet with a horn

    11. The "peacemaker":

    12. The controller:

    A controller on a mannequin

    13. The bug nails:

    Nails with bugs on them

    14. The bling:

    A diamond wall socket

    15. And finally, the toothpick holder:

    Toothpick holder