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Here's An Update On 19 Disney Channel Movie Stars You Haven't Thought About In Forever

Someone please get the tune of "let's watch a Disney Channel Movie" out of my head.

Who's ready for a trip down memory lane?!


This is what comes up when you Google "extra."

1. Kimberly J. Brown from Halloweentown

Disney/Instagram: @officialkjb

Brown is still acting and has her own YouTube channel.

And in an adorable turn of events, she's dating Daniel Kountz, AKA the guy who played Kal (her onscreen love interest) in Halloweentown II.

2. Kirsten Storms from Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century

Disney/Instagram: @kirstenstorms

Storms is on General Hospital, and according to her Instagram she's the mother of a little girl!

3. Ryan Merriman from Smart House/Luck of the Irish/A Ring of Endless Light

Disney/Instagram: @theryanmerriman

Merriman is still acting and appears to be living life to the fullest! See video below.

4. Chez Starbuck from The Thirteenth Year

Disney/Instagram: @chez_starbuck

According to Starbuck's Instagram (what a last name), he's living in Texas and is a husband and father! It seems that he's not currently acting, but here's a quote from his IMDB page on being a child star:

"I think it would have been better if I had led up into it (acting) by doing other smaller stuff and then actually got into a bigger role. (After landing a starring role right out of the gate) It psyches you up like, 'Now I can just go out and get a whole other bunch of stuff.' But it's not like that."

5. Andrew Lawrence from The Other Me

Disney/Instagram: @andrewlawrence

Lawrence is still acting and is in a band called Still 3 with his brothers Matthew and Joey.

You might recognize his brother Matthew (on the right) from Mrs. Doubtfire and Boy Meets World.

6. Matt O'Leary from Mom's Got a Date with a Vampire

Disney / ABC

O'Leary is still acting and is on the show Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

7. Erin Chambers from Don't Look Under the Bed

Disney/Instagram: @theerinchambers

Chambers seems to still be doing a little acting (including an appearance on The X-Files last year). According to her Instagram, she's living in California with her husband and kids.

8. Taylor Ball from Eddie's Million Dollar Cook-Off

Disney/Twitter: @TaylorBall87

Ball does not appear to still be acting and according to his Twitter page he was working at Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwiches in 2013.

9. Erik von Detten from Brink

Disney/Twitter: @angelavondetten

Von Detten is not currently acting and is married with a newborn baby!

10. Poppi Monroe and Annie McElwain from Double Teamed

Disney/Instagram: @poppimonroe and @anniemcelwain

11. Danielle Panabaker from Stuck in the Suburbs

Disney/Instagram: @dpanabaker

Panabaker is currently acting in The Flash on The CW and is married.

12. Danielle's sister, Kay Panabaker, from Read it and Weep

Disney/Instagram: @kaypanabaker

Kay is no longer acting and according to her Twitter she's a zookeeper.

13. Brandon Baker from Johnny Tsunami

Disney/Instagram: @brandonbegood

Baker is not currently acting and is living in Colorado. Looks like he made it back to his Johnny Tsunami roots!

He is also adorably in love.

14. Spencer Breslin from You Wish

Disney/Instagram: @ohnospenny

Breslin is no longer acting, but is a musician. His Instagram bio hilariously reads "Naughty boy from 'The Cat In The Hat'" (an ode to his role in the movie).

15. A.J. Trauth from You Wish

Disney/Instagram: @andrewjamestrauth

Trauth's last credit on IMDB was for doing the voice of a video game character in 2017. He doesn't appear to be currently acting, but his Instagram features photos and videos of him playing guitar.

16. Also, he married Leah Pipes from Pixel Perfect in 2014, but she filed for divorce this year. There is no longer photo evidence of them together on Instagram, but here's Pipes.

Disney/Instagram: @leamariepipes10

Pipes is still acting and is currently on the show Charmed.

17. Alana Austin from Motorcrossed

Disney/Instagram: @alanaaustin143

Austin does not appear to still be acting, but according to her Twitter she was pursuing writing in 2016. She is also newly dating a handsome man. Turn up.

18. Lindsey Haun from The Color of Friendship

Disney/Instagram: @lindseyhaun

Haun is still acting and has an online morning talk show! Most notably, she was in True Blood and the horror movie Shrooms.

19. Shadia Simmons from The Color of Friendship

Disney/Twitter: @SimmonsShadia

Simmons is no longer acting, but she's an acting coach! So if anyone wants to be the next Disney Channel star, here's her website.

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