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    All Dads Do This Thing Where They Shake A Snack Before Eating It And The Internet Wants To Know Why

    What is the reason???

    I come from a family of snackers. Granola? Popcorn? Nuts? You name it, we're probably eating it. Yes, right this very minute.

    But there's one member of my family (cough, Dad, cough) who tends to consume said snacks in a peculiar fashion. Let's use mixed nuts as an example.

    My dad will take a handful of nuts, then shake them in his hand as though he's about to roll some dice at the casino.

    Once he's shaken his hand a couple times, he proceeds to pop a few nuts in his mouth and chew on them, like so:

    Then the cycle repeats. I assumed my dad was probably the only person on planet Earth to participate in this odd ritual, until I saw a series of TikToks that proved me wrong. This dad does it with a passion:

    This dad does it right in his daughter's face:


    accurate representation of the white dad eating nuts #fyp #whitedads #foryou

    ♬ original sound - npastaa

    This dad's a bit defensive about his nut shaking:


    why do all white dads eat almonds like this

    ♬ original sound - madisonpgray9

    This dad gives no fucks:

    And this son's impression literally made me cry with laughter:

    Dads, why do you eat your snacks like gambling camels? Please let us know in the comments!