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15 Customers Who Tried To Pretend We Weren't In A Pandemic This Past Year

We present to you, the Coronavirus Hall of Shame.

Thanks to the throngs of people who consistently refused to follow COVID regulations, it has not been an easy year for restaurants and other businesses.

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Let's take a look at some of the customers who have definitely earned themselves a spot in the (theoretical) Coronavirus Hall of Shame:

1. These people who dined and dashed a $300 meal:

Especially given how hard the restaurants are already suffering from covid. from trashy

2. This person who left no tip because they were angry about the restaurant's table time limit:

You can just picture the trashiness from this customer from trashy

3. And this person who considered the fact that they wore a mask to be a good enough tip:

Pennsylvania server finds this after asking customer to wear their masks until they were seated. from pics

4. These people who casually endangered an entire restaurant:

Worst tip ever. from facepalm

5. These people who couldn't just keep their tongues in their mouths until they got home:

A self serve Frozen Yogurt store no longer offering samples in hopes to prevent the spread of COVID-19... But apparently some customers think licking from the bowl is okay. from trashy

6. This person who apparently didn't see the value of a service worker's life:

One person still counts as "somebody" from facepalm

7. This person who thought a visor would suffice as a mask:

Idk what to do with this. My girlfriend snapped this real quick at Walmart today. Yes that’s a visor as a mask. from stupidpeople

8. These people who jacked the tip jar from a local business:

Someone keeps stealing the tip jar at my local donut shop from trashy

9. This person who tried to singlehandedly boycott a massive chain that already boycotted him:

This guy wants to boycott a restaurant that is already boycotting him from facepalm

10. This person who thought they were in the right for making this embarrassing scene:

Throwing a bottle of wine on the floor and spitting on someone because they told you to wear a mask. This the peak level of selfishness. from facepalm

11. This person who continued their harassment after they left the shop:

"Dear evening shift..." from facepalm

12. This literal governor who was served a heaping dish of karma:

Oklahoma governor walking around Walmart without a mask, right before he tested positive for COVID from facepalm

13. This person who pretended they had a disability in order to get away with not wearing a mask:

So funny /s from facepalm

14. This person who thought infecting people with a deadly virus was hilarious:

Someone on Twitter bragging about spreading the virus from iamatotalpieceofshit

15. And this Karen who really thought she one-upped this rule-abiding customer:

“Karen”s revenge from facepalm

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