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    14 Cringey Posts That Prove LinkedIn Is The Worst Social Media Platform

    No, I would not like to connect.

    1. The fact that this man needed to be begged to take a break from LinkedIn while on his honeymoon:

    2. The fact that people glamorize working with no pay:

    3. And the fact that people glamorize working ridiculous hours in terrible weather conditions:

    4. The fact that people talk about how work and life shouldn't be separate:

    5. The fact that people don't think weekends are necessary:

    6. The fact that people are even debating whether internships should be paid or unpaid:

    7. The fact that anyone would think asking a woman they're interested in for her LinkedIn was a good idea:

    8. The fact that people will judge you based on how you "follow" others on the platform:

    9. The fact that people liken their job experience to romantic relationships:

    10. The fact that people love to act like someone with 0 experience is usually the "magic" candidate:

    11. The fact that people are garnering wild amounts of likes and comments on posts they stole from someone with less followers:

    Someone plagiarizing a LinkedIn post and being called out for it by the original poster
    r/LinkedInLunatics / Via

    12. The fact that "Do you agree?" is the most popular (and annoying) post frame on the platform:

    13. The fact that people are applauding this kind of kissassery:

    14. And finally, the fact that Jordan Belfort thinks he has the right to advise people on how to live their lives:

    H/T: r/LinkedInLunatics

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