18 Wildly Embarrassing Movie Scenes That Are Just As Cringeworthy Each Time You Watch Them

    "I cringed so hard I nearly fractured my coccyx."

    We recently posted an article about humiliating movie moments that people found "hard to watch." BuzzFeed Community users flooded the comments with their own suggestions and if you're someone who's easily embarrassed...the following list might be painful:

    1. "I know the film is supposed to be foolish, but the dance battle scene in White Chicks is SO BAD. Really, any movie with a dance battle or choreographed dance scene is cringe. Just don't do it. It's never going to look casual or natural."

    2. "For me it’s the 'bend and snap' scene in Legally Blonde. It's so weird and out of place and it literally makes me cringe when it’s on."

    3. "The sex scene at the very beginning of Bridesmaids. What a way to start a movie 😏."

    4. "In the live-action Aladdin when 'Prince Ali' first presents himself before Jasmine and the Sultan, and keeps talking about jam (among other things). Say what you will about that movie, but that particular scene was hilarious and the most intense secondhand embarrassment I've ever felt — watching a fictional character just verbally face-plant. 😂"

    Aladdin saying "We have jams"

    5. "In Freaky Friday when the main character is in her mom's body and flirts with her crush (Chad Michael Murray), who then thinks he likes the mom and loudly sings, '...Baby One More Time' outside the house."

    6. "The scene in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 where Draco and Voldemort hug. That whole thing is so awkward!"

    7. "The worst for me is the Twilight baseball scene. I love baseball, I love thunderstorms, I very much enjoy Muse and sparkly things, but somehow the union of all of those disparate elements turned into an unholy cringetopia that I cannot for the life of me believe was written."

    8. "I love Trainwreck but two scenes from it specifically make me wanna bleach my own brain. The sex scene with John Cena because it’s so unbearably awkward..."

    9. "...And the part where Amy (unknowingly) engages with a minor. He starts getting weird and his voice sounds so childish. I never want to hear him say any of those things again. I always fast-forward through that part."

    10. "In Bring It On when Torrance dances on the bed to the love interest's song."

    11. "Is no one going to mention the hacky sack scene from She’s All That?"

    12. "The scene in Girls Trip where Dina sticks a banana through a grapefruit and gives it an aggressive blowjob. It was just...a lot."

    13. "The frankly bizarre moment toward the end of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland when the Mad Hatter breaks into some kind of wannabe-funky dance for absolutely no reason whatsoever. It is so random and awful. I cringed so hard I nearly fractured my coccyx. Just no."

    14. "The part of Harry Potter that I always struggle to watch is the end of Chamber of Secrets when everyone just randomly starts applauding Hagrid. Ugh, just awful!

    15. "When King Triton sees Ariel talking to Prince Eric's statue in The Little Mermaid. I feel so embarrassed for her."

    16. "In Four Weddings and a Funeral when Andie MacDowell says, 'Is it still raining? I hadn't noticed.' It doesn’t help that she delivers the line like she’s reading it from a teleprompter."

    Andie McDowell saying, "Is it still raining? I hadn't noticed"

    17. "When Deadshot asks, 'We some kind of suicide squad?' in Suicide Squad."

    18. And finally, "For me, it's in the live-action Beauty and the Beast where Belle says something to the effect that she liked Beast better as a beast. Then Beast growls. That growl is so cringey!"

    Some submissions have been edited for grammar and/or clarity.