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    21 Craigslist Screenshots That'll Make You Think Twice About Who You're Interacting With Onine

    You're definitely gonna leave this post thinking, Facebook Marketplace or bust.

    1. The creep:

    ad requesting Girl Scout cookies from a grownup

    2. The artifact:

    a car door handle supposedly signed by George Washington

    3. The girl:

    a M4W ad asking about a woman who got hit by a car

    4. The mystery gun:

    A mystery gun that someone built listed for $75

    5. The cloak:

    a person holding their arms out and advertising an invisibility cloak

    6. The bible:

    a bible signed by God, Satan, and Jesus

    7. The Clydesdale:

    an ad with the headline "You farted in Kroger yesterday"

    8. The shoe:

    fake Converse shoes on sale for $5

    9. The radioactive block:

    an original Soviet USSR Chernobyl nuclear reactor core graphite block for $2,800

    10. The frog:

    a person looking for a frog (not for sexual reasons)

    11. The mummies:

    a mummified cat slam-dunking a mummified bird

    12. The wedding:

    Ad requesting that someone is naked at their sister's wedding

    13. The hands:

    hands on sale (buy one get one free) with fists pictured

    14. The sheep:

    a ride on mower $750 offer that is a chair on top of a sheep

    15. The remotes:

    for $10 someone will hot glue remotes together

    16. The butt plug:

    brass knuckle Jesus dual taco holder butt plug

    17. The therapist:

    fake therapist request for couples therapy

    18. The Switch:

    $200 for a used Nintendo Switch because person's son won't stop pooping in the shower

    19. The air:

    a bag of air for $100 from Biden's Inauguration ceremony

    20. The pregnancy tests:

    a pregnant person selling pregnancy tests

    21. And finally, the sex doll:

    a homemade sex doll made from a fake skeleton

    H/T: r/CrackheadCraigslist