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These People Who Got Coronavirus Tattoos Don't Seem To Be Grasping The Concept Of "Social Distancing"

Why? Just...why?

It's been less than a week since a pandemic was declared, and I can't believe my eyes, but people are already getting coronavirus-themed tattoos.


I'm truly not sure where they found the time — or desire, for that matter — amid the state of absolute panic the world is currently in.

I did some research, and it turns out that Friday the 13th is a popular day in the tattoo industry. A lot of parlors offer $13 deals from a "flash sheet" of small pre-designed tattoos that a customer can pick from. This is a coronavirus-themed selection from a parlor in Arkansas:


That might explain the appearance of said tattoos, but tbh, it doesn't excuse it. Thousands of people have died from this virus, and I don't think their families would appreciate you getting it jokingly tattooed on your body!

Also, I don't believe going to a tattoo parlor falls under "social distancing." STAY HOME, PEOPLE!