You Should Definitely Wear Condoms During Sex, But Here Are 14 Other Ways You Can Use Them Too

    Condoms are all the rage, people. You heard it here first.

    A couple of weeks ago, Julia Fox hit the streets in a top, bag, and boots made out of condoms, and I haven't been the same since.

    Julia in a matching bandeau top, bag, and boots, along with a short tube miniskirt

    I was really curious to see who else in the world had made art out of condoms, so I did a deep dive on Reddit. Here are 14 wild creations I found:

    1. This graduation cap made out of condoms. Cue "I Love College" by Asher Roth:

    Cap made out of Magnum condom packets

    2. This prom dress made out of condoms. At my high school, the vice principal would not have been happy:

    Minidress made out of hanging condoms

    3. Wait, this one is actually pretty cute:

    A longer halter minidress with belt made out of hanging condoms

    4. This Pope Benedict XIV "painting" made out of condoms. I love it:

    The pope's smiling face made out of melted condoms that look like paint

    5. This abortion rights activist's condom jewelry from the '80s:

    Woman with pixelated face showing condom earrings and pin

    6. This soccer jersey made out of condoms. The mannequin is freaking me out, though:

    A Liverpool Standard Chartered short-sleeved soccer jersey

    7. And this "condom cop" that was in the same place. I also do not like this mannequin, but "cops in rubbers" is a great pun:

    A cop mannequin with a head-to-toe condom outfit, including shoes and a helmet embellished with condoms, with a "Cops in Rubbers" sign

    8. This condom art in an STI clinic. This is the energy I wanna see at my doctor's office:

    Multicolored condoms in the shape and colors of the Pride flag

    9. This condom map of Tennessee. Funky:

    The state of Mississippi on a map filled in with different-color condoms

    10. These COCKtus plants:

    Inflated condoms in the shapes of cacti and emerging from pots

    11. This Wales flag made out of condoms:

    The Wales flag with dragon made out of condoms and condom packs

    12. Same with this Maryland flag:

    Maryland flag made out of different-colored Magnum and LifeStyle condom packs

    13. This condom bed. Cozy:

    A bed with a bedspread made out of Durex condom packets

    14. And finally, these sickeningly chic high-fashion condom outfits:

    Mannequins wearing shorts, a minidress, and a gown, along with hats, made out of condoms