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    18 Cooks Shared Their Cooking "No-Nos" And Apparently I Have A Lot To Learn

    You won't be catching me with a glass cutting board anytime soon!

    As someone who rarely cooks, I'm open to any and all cooking advice. So when Redditor MomosOnSale asked people who cook to share the biggest cooking "no-no," I was all ears.

    Here are some of the most helpful responses:

    1. "Cutting with a dull knife. Get yourself a sharpener, even if it's a cheap one."

    2. "Don't let your baking powder get clumpy. Tiny rocks of baking powder ruin anything you bake."

    3. "Cranking the heat to reduce the cooking time will leave you with a burnt outside and an underdone inside."

    4. "Glass cutting boards. Like, seriously, just GTFO."

    5. "Do not mix hot cooking oil and cool sink water! I saw a girl burn the hell out of herself because she didn't listen to the home ec teacher. She threw her hot oil in a sink with some cool water running. Boom! Sprayed hot oil all over her arm and neck. Let your oil cool, folks."

    6. "Cross-contamination with raw chicken or pork."

    7. "Always wear pants while cooking bacon."

    8. "Never — and I mean never — panic if you start a fire by accident. You need to be calm enough to know if you have to smother it (oil or grease fires) or grab the extinguisher. Panicking can get your house burned down."

    9. "Learned this the hard way: Don't throw fresh chili peppers into a hot pan unless you want to pepper-spray the whole house!"

    10. "Not seasoning your chicken."

    11. "For the love of god stop mucking about with whatever it is you're cooking. Unless it's something you specifically need to be mixing or stirring constantly, leave it alone! You'll never get proper color on things if they make more contact with your spatula than your pan."

    12. "Pasta should never, ever be rinsed for a warm dish. The starch in the water is what helps the sauce adhere to your pasta."

    13. "Don't try to catch a dropped knife. Back away and let it fall."

    14. "Guessing at amounts when baking."

    15. "Never do your prep work as you go. Do all the prep work up front and your cooking experience will be so much better."

    16. "Don’t press your burgers down as they’re cooking. You’re releasing all the juice. It’ll give you a dry-ass burger."

    17. "Skipping fresh ingredients. Just peel and chop some garlic! Squeeze a lemon! Nix the jar or bottle."

    18. "Feeling like it's too hard or being afraid to experiment with stuff. Obviously don't try something totally new when you're cooking for guests, but don't feel like failing means you suck. If you mess up, learn from it, and move on. It's not the end of the world."