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    18 Controversial Food Tweets That I Personally Do Not Agree With At All

    My blood is boiling.

    1. This person who thinks milk should be put in the bowl before the cereal.

    @AndrewBerkshire Put the milk before the cereal

    2. This person who likes California bagels better than New York bagels.

    My worst food opinion is that the bagels I’ve had in California were better than New York bagels

    3. This person who eats lemons like apples.

    @Komunista_Black i'll eat a lemon like an apple for a snack

    4. This person who doesn't think peanut butter and chocolate go well together.

    @Komunista_Black Peanut butter & chocolate do not go together, it is an American abomination that shows the depth of their phillistine depravity

    5. This person who prefers lemon Oreos to classic Oreos.

    Controversial food opinion: I prefer the lemon Oreos to the regular chocolate ones.

    6. This person who likes mustard in their mac 'n cheese.

    @jonbecker_ Yellow mustard goes well with mac N cheese.

    7. This person who thinks mashed potatoes are "despicable."

    controversial food opinion: i will never understand how people can eat mashed potatoes because tbh i find the texture to be nauseating and it’s like eating food that someone has already chewed and it’s despicable

    8. This person who doesn't like rice in their burritos.

    I've been sitting on the most controversial food opinion of all time, knowing it would destroy my reputation. But I can't hold it back anymore... I don't like rice in my burritos.

    9. This person who thinks nectarines are better than peaches.

    My controversial food opinion: Nectarines > Peaches

    10. This person who doesn't think chocolate chips make pancakes better.

    @jonbecker_ Not everything is improved by adding chocolate or chocolate chips, ex. banana bread and pancakes.

    11. This person who likes to eat asparagus raw.

    @jonbecker_ Raw fresh asparagus is good actually.

    12. This person who hates boneless wings.

    @WorldofIsaac “Boneless Chicken Wings” are both garbage and false advertising.

    13. This person who doesn't believe in cold leftover pizza or pasta.

    @WorldofIsaac leftover pizza and spaghetti need to be warmed up. They cannot be consumed cold, straight out of the fridge.

    14. This person who likes to only put ketchup on their hotdog.

    @WorldofIsaac Most of the time I rock ketchup only on my hotdog. People thinks it’s wack. 🤷🏼‍♂️

    15. This person who likes to dip their french fries in mayonnaise.

    @WorldofIsaac Best condiment to dip French fries in is mayo.

    16. This person who thinks the ends of a loaf of bread are better than the middle.

    @WorldofIsaac The ends of a loaf of bread > middle pieces

    17. This person who hates Thanksgiving stuffing.

    Alright time for my thanksgiving food hot take, stuffing SUCKS.

    18. And this person who doesn't like food at all.

    @jonbecker_ Food is primarily for sustenance, not for pleasure, and life would be considerably simpler if NASA would just deliver on its 50-year-old promise to fit the nutrients of a Thanksgiving dinner into one tiny capsule.