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    14 Things You Probably Won't Understand If You're A Healthy Pooper

    You're reading this on the toilet, aren't you?

    1. Having a trusty crew of poop problem friends who you feel comfortable commiserating with in dire times.


    please get this on stomach problems tiktok @jennagreen25 #ibd #ibs #stomachproblems #ulcers #endoscopy

    ♬ original sound - aliyaaroseee

    2. Succumbing to the horror of the public restroom because you truly have no choice.

    When you hate pooping in public restrooms but them tacos from earlier ain't givin you no options

    3. Praying that one day every bathroom will be equipped with a Squatty Potty.

    4. Reminiscing about the days when you didn't have diarrhea 75% of the time.

    thinking about Freaky Fridaying with my 7yo so i can have a healthy poop and get a good night's sleep for a change

    5. Mastering getting ready on the toilet because your bowels don't give a damn that you've got places to be.

    6. Waiting patiently for a poop you're sure is going to come, only for it to stand you up like a Tinder date.

    Me with my undiagnosed IBS after a long day of anxiety and 2 cups of coffee

    7. Constantly trying to balance your professional life and your bathroom life.

    8. Experiencing a poop so painful that you had to shed all your clothes and pray to the heavens you'd make it out alive.

    @quenblackwell Almost killed me last night. You know it’s bad when you end up naked on the toilet....

    9. Eating certain foods despite the full knowledge that they'll have you glued to the toilet in a couple hours.

    10. Pleading with an unexpectedly monstrous poop for it to flush when you're using a friend's bathroom.

    Me begging my poop to flush when I'm at someone else house.🙆

    11. Doing everything in your power to not reach the final stage of "the poop walk."

    12. Never knowing when your poop schedule will suddenly switch on you.

    Having an identity crisis bc i used to be an evening pooper but now I'm a morning pooper

    13. Being hit with a round two right when you thought you had taken care of business.

    14. And reaching a point where you don't really care if people know that you're pooping all the time, because hey, that's your truth.

    Do not ask what I am doing unless you are prepared to have me reply "Pooping".

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