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Former Students Are Sharing The College Majors They Don't Think People Should Bother With And There Are Some Harsh Truths

Me, a journalism major, reading this: 😐

While getting into college is a huge achievement, it can simultaneously be extremely stressful. For many, it marks the beginning of the long and arduous journey toward figuring out what you want to do with your life.

Reddit user u/Mr_Grabby asked a question that might be helpful to anyone who's interested in hearing some redditors' perspectives on college majors. They asked other users to share "some college majors that should definitely be avoided." Here are the top-rated responses:

1. "If you're a journalism major, getting involved in student publications/media is way more important than classes. Journalists aren't hired based off of their degree but how well acclimated they are to newsrooms, deadlines, etc. You can't learn the trade in the classroom — only in the field."

2. "Stand-alone language majors. How are you, a student learning a language in <4 years, going to compete with a bilingual speaker who also has skills for the workforce? You must pair it with something else. If you want to major in a language, you double major."


3. "General studies. Just pick a major. Being undecided all four years won't look great on your first resume unless you leave undergrad with some amazing experience that translates into an immediate position."


4. "If you don't plan on getting at least a master's degree, avoid psychology. I've known several servers, bartenders, and receptionists that have their degree in psychology. Even a few that have ended up in retail. Not that I look down on those jobs; just that they clearly don't require a psychology degree."


5. "Art history. My current roommate (out of college now) was an art history major. She doesn't do any art herself. Just really likes art. Spends a lot of her weekends going to museums and galleries. Can't find a job in what she wants to do."

6. "Kinesiology is popular but has a very, very, very limited job pool."


7. "Be careful when studying music. Most universities offer music performance and music education. Getting a bachelor's in music education means you're certified to teach at a school and therefore has more potential of getting you a job. Music Performance just means you got really good at playing your instrument."


8. "Biology, unless you want to go to med/pharm/vet school or graduate school. A BS in biology won't get you very far and you'll max out in earning potential early on."


9. "Don't do a business major if even the smallest amount of math freaks you out. Even in things that aren't accounting/finance, you will still have to do a little bit in most entry-level positions."

10. "Environmental science is a big field, which can be a double-edged sword. People with more specific degrees in things like forestry, hydrology, or fish and wildlife will beat you out for jobs unless your summer jobs/internships are more directly related to forestry."


11. "Unless you eat, sleep, and breathe architecture, do not even consider it as a major. You will spend more money, more sleepless nights, and more of your sanity than any other student. Unless you have the passion necessary to make those sacrifices, forget it. Learn from my mistakes."


12. "Graphic design. The market is oversaturated with designers. Design is very subjective. No matter what jargon pro designers may throw at you about color theory and the golden ratio, when it comes down to you finding a job, it's all about if the employer likes what they see."


13. "If you don't like a shit ton of physics or if you're not at least somewhat good at it, don't go into lucrative engineering fields. There's a very high chance you will switch out. If you're in it only for the money, there's a big wake-up call heading for you."

14. "Any art degree unless you go for a BFA. However, even then, the number one thing you MUST have with you upon graduation (and after) is a portfolio. The degree is the nice cherry on top while the portfolio is the entire ice cream sundae. Have a shitty portfolio and you'll be laughed out of your interview."


15. And finally, "My mother has been a career counselor (for the state, not a high school) for 40 years. The number one thing she tells people is, 'You can't do shit with a history degree.'"


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