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    14 Jokes About Coffee Poops That'll Make You Feel Seen

    "You're telling me people go on coffee dates and don't have to poop?"

    Do you have to poop immediately after you drink coffee? Do you find the concept of coffee poops both bewildering and hilarious? Do you like reading about other people's coffee poop experiences?

    If you answered "yes" to any of the questions above, you've come to the right place. Here are 14 tweets about...drumroll, poops!


    why is everyone trying to heal their gut all of a sudden? I am still trying to figure out why drinking half a cup of coffee in the morning gives me explosive diarrhea & I’m really close to finding out why


    Before coffee: I’m so tired After coffee: I’m so tired but now I have to poop


    Went for a long run after my morning coffee and realized that those poop bag stations aren’t just for dogs.


    Just told a barista “thanks for helping me poop!” as he handed me my coffee. Adding it to my list of things not to say.


    Me: *takes one sip of coffee* Body: poop Me: why Body: you gotta


    youre telling me people go on coffee dates and dont have to poop


    Does anyone just smell coffee and instantly have to poop or is that just me?


    girls who drink coffee every day will absolutely demolish a toilet and take a selfie in the mirror afterwards like nothing happened


    Okay. I'm finally ready to focus on work. My first coffee poop:


    U drink coffee to stay awake, I drink coffee to poop faster. We r not the same


    My coworkers to me after I blew up the bathroom after my morning coffee


    The poop in That first sip of my butt coffee


    i think we would all have a better relationship with coffee poops if we just sipped on our iced coffee rather than downing it 5 minutes.


    how did people know when to poop before coffee