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    People Are Sharing Stories About When The Class Clown At Their School Went Way Too Far

    Oh, you know, just clowning around.

    During my senior year of high school, I was voted "class clown" by my peers. Whether that title was given to me as a compliment or the absolute opposite, I wore it with pride.


    That is...until I saw a Reddit thread by u/rodorod_. They asked users to share a story about the time their class clown went way too far. Here are some of the most concerning responses:

    1. "He pierced his ears in the middle of class, then used a pair of earrings he was given from the bottom of some random girl's purse. This all happened while the teacher was asleep."

    2. "He decided to try and fist fight the teacher and got taken down in a Mortal Kombat–style body slam by the teacher."


    3. "On our high school trip to London, we were finally boarding the plane after MANY security stops following a bomb scare in the city. We got to our seat and he said, 'Yeah! We got he bomb on board!' as a joke. We had to wait 4+ hours for the security team to search the plane."


    4. "He always wanted attention and we just wanted to learn beginning French. We all, including the teacher, took to ignoring him. One day, he couldn’t handle people not paying attention to him, so he tried to see if he, for the first time ever, could do a backflip. He landed on his neck and was out of class for a long time."

    5. "They hid a bunch of dead fish in the ceiling tiles the day before summer break. The school reeked for many months.


    6. "In math class, we were watching a video on some material I already forget, and the video was around two minutes long. Once the video ended, the 'class clown' said, 'That video lasted about as long as your last marriage, Mrs. T.' Mrs. T's husband had died a few days after their one-year anniversary."


    7. "This girl in fourth or fifth grade just kept pushing the teacher until she finally just told the girl something like, 'Fine! you want to run the class, then it's your show. Go ahead!' So the girl went up in front of the classroom and sang and danced and yelled for 15 minutes to get everyone's attention. The teacher just went to the back of the room and wrote her up."


    8. "He threw the foreign exchange student's backpack onto the roof of the school and then locked the window when the student went out after it. He wasn't class clown after that. He was total asshole."


    9. "In eighth grade, one of the class clowns stood up on his desk, pulled his trousers and underwear down, and started swinging his dick around shouting, 'Anyone want a taste?' The teacher called the headmaster and he got expelled from the school and is now known as 'dick swing boy.'"


    10. "They asked the teacher if he was gonna partake in 'No Nut November.' I have never been in a room so silent."


    11. "These two girls were always really mean to the German teacher and constantly pushing her buttons. One day, they broke into the German class trailer before school and covered everything with pads and tampons that had been colored to look like they were used. She didn’t come back to school after Thanksgiving break."


    12. "Last year, one of my classmates poured hand sanitizer on his desk and set it on fire. I wish I was joking."


    13. "He ended up jumping onto the field during the Phillies game and got tased. He then peed his pants on national TV. They wouldn’t let him walk at graduation or go to prom. He even got on Tosh.0 for that one."


    14. "Our class clown so consistently raised his hand to ask stupid questions that our class was literally a few days to a week behind the other class in terms of getting through all the slide shows. The teacher made a rule that he could then only ask one question per day."


    15. And finally, "they put a cinnamon Listerine strip on their eyeball."


    Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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