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Fans Are Getting Real About The Canceled Celebrities Who Deserve Another Chance, And Some Of These Are Really Sad


Chances are, one of your favorite celebrities has most likely been canceled. Sorry luv, that's probability for ya ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

A woman saying "realizashun"

But a viral Reddit thread by u/Yung-Potter-XO begs the question: Did certain celebrities really deserve this fate? Here are the celebs who redditors think should have been spared from cancel culture:

1. "Amanda Bynes. Her image was smeared because of her mental health issues, and as of 2020, she was still under the conservatorship of her parents — just like Britney."

Amanda Bynes wearing sunglasses

2. "Corey Feldman. He was the first to tell everyone what was really going on with child actors in Hollywood, and no one listened. Barbara Walters actually yelled at him for exposing it."

Corey Feldman on the red carpet

3. "Brendan Fraser. He was blackballed after accusing someone in Hollywood of sexual assault."

Brendan Fraser

4. "Shelley Duvall. She was in a string of great movies and shows in the '70s and '80s. Also, she did a few musical albums, and even created some computer games in the '90s. Now, she is completely forgotten, except for an extremely upsetting Dr. Phil appearance she had a few years ago. He was not nice to her at all, and most likely had her on to boost his ratings."

An old photo of Shelley

5. "Peter Norman. He should have been Australia's greatest athlete, but he supported the Black power salute and got blacklisted by the Australian Olympic Committee."

Peter Norman with two other athletes who are giving the black power salute

6. "Hayden Christensen did nothing wrong. No actor should be maligned for decisions made by the writers and director."

Hayden speaking at an event

7. "Ashley Judd. Harvey Weinstein blacklisted her for years. She’s an incredible actor, IMO."

Ashley Judd speaking on stage

8. "Winona Ryder. I was just talking to someone about how ridiculous it was that she was canceled for being caught shoplifting. Yes, it’s a crime, and she should have received some kind of disciplinary action — but I think she was in a dark place mentally."

Winona on a red carpet

9. "Howard Dean. He yelled in excitement at one of his political rallies in 2004. People thought he wasn’t fit to be president because of it."

Howard Dean lifting his arms in excitement behind a podium

10. "Janet Jackson. We banished this genuinely talented woman for what was almost assuredly a PG-13 mistake."

Janet at the Gatsby Gala

11. "Megan Fox deserved better than the way media constantly sexualized her and ignored anything she had to say. She has numerous interviews trying to talk about being uncomfortably sexualized by Michael Bay when she was a teenager, but the audience and interviewer would just cheer as if she wasn’t talking about predatory behavior."

Megan Fox looking amused at Machine Gun Kelly

12. "Not too sure canceled is the right word, but Lindsay Lohan. Phenomenal actor and started at a young age. Lindsay had really messed up parents, no guidance from anyone, and too much money."

Lindsay on a talkshow

13. "Rebecca Black. Everyone was so mean over 'Friday.' She was only THIRTEEN and deserved better."

Rebecca Black on Zoom

14. And "Sinead O'Connor. She was absolutely correct about the entire Catholic church scandal. Tearing up a photo of the Pope on SNL effectively ended her career. She deserved better."

Sinead O'Connor performing on stage, singing into the microphone

Do you have a favorite celebrity who you didn't think deserved to be canceled? Tell us in the comments below for a chance to be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!