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18 Photos And Memes About Capitalism That'll Make You Say, "Oh Yeah, I Friggin' Hate It Here"

No, this isn't some sick joke 😔.

1. This DoorDash ad that hits way too close to home (or shoe closet, shall I say):

2. This super-disappointing "employee appreciation" gift that's supposed to serve as a "thank you" to workers for risking their lives during the pandemic:

3. This UPS misunderstanding that could cost a patient their health:

4. These conditional wages that are downright ridiculous:

5. This "hiring up to $10.00 per hour" Wendy's sign that's offensive for even existing:

6. This sad reminder of what "normal" really is:

7. This extremely expensive Band-Aid "solution" to the homeless problem in San Francisco:

8. This local grocery store that's become a wasteland thanks to the failure of its main supplier:

9. This one day off per week "compromise":

10. This joke from 1987 that eerily predicted the future:

11. This screengrab that shows what cable TV has turned into:

12. This depiction of what 2077 will probably look like:

13. This graphic that might just explain why we have a homelessness crisis in the United States:

14. This meme of Nicole Kidman that anyone who works a 9–5 can feel deeply in their soul:

15. This stupid transition convenience stores have made to digital screens for the drink fridges (NO ONE WANTS THIS):

16. This cliché that large corporations — who realistically don't give a shit about us — LOVE using after any crisis:

17. This Timberland ad that pretty much spells out what we're all thinking:

18. And finally, this unnecessary shade toward the amazing creatives of the world:

H/T: r/ABoringDystopia