18 Photos That'll Make You Say, "Please Stop Selling All Of These Pointless Things"

    I draw the line at "Meowijuana" joints for cats.

    1. This office chair for people who like to sit criss-cross-applesauce (does no one use couches anymore?):

    2. These horrifying socks that are supposed to emulate a pedicure:

    3. These catnip joints that do not seem safe:

    4. These dissolving swim trunks that exist solely for the purpose of humiliating people:

    5. This bizarre bike attachment:

    6. This heinous looking Hostess coffee:

    7. This terrifying indoor beekeeping device:

    8. This oddly specific tool:

    9. This plastic knife's sole purpose is cutting...pool noodles:

    10. This weird ass cookie/sneaker scent:

    11. These random plush burritos designed to throw at your friends:

    12. This tree-shaped butter:

    13. This $10 plastic container of water for your dog, specifically:

    Waggin Water

    14. This vending machine that's exclusively for eyelash extensions:

    15. This trashy accessory that supports dangerous habits:

    16. These fake cheese-flavored gummies:

    17. This nasty Thanksgiving-scented candle:

    18. And finally, these Cocoa Pebbles bath crystals, because, why:

    H/T: r/ofcoursethatsathing