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    The Innocent Little Brother From "Zoey 101" Is All Grown Up And Posting Super-Sexual TikToks

    Who's gonna tell Zoey?

    I was scrolling through TikTok the other day, minding my own dang business, when I came across a video of someone I recognized.

    That looks a lot like the little brother from Zoey 101, I thought to myself.

    But after finishing the extremely PG-13 video, it seemed as though I must have been mistaken.


    The trick is to be both ☺️

    ♬ original sound - Paul Butcher

    How could these be the same person?!

    Paul as young Dustin on the left and Paul in his sexual TikTok on the right.

    All it took was a quick glance at his bio to get the confirmation I needed. This serial thirst trapper was indeed the sweet little Dustin from Nickelodeon.

    And he has quite a few things he appears to be into — ranging from handcuffs to hot wax — that he's not so shy about.


    Found this in my drafts 😳

    ♬ original sound - Paul Butcher

    Needless to say, I wasn't the only one who was taken aback:


    #duet with @paulbutcher we live in a simulation #fyp

    ♬ original sound - Paul Butcher

    Quite a few users expressed their shock and amusement in the form of duets:

    But something tells me Paul isn't taking much offense to these reactions.


    #duet with This gave me the gummy worm blues 🥴🐛

    ♬ original sound - NatiaCo

    Keep doing you, Paul! And *sigh* we'll keep watching.