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    17 Bosses Who Hopefully Have Impostor Syndrome, Because They Should NOT Be In Positions Of Power

    I give everyone who works for these people permission to "call in sick."

    1. This boss who tried to validate overworking their employees in the weirdest way:

    2. This boss who definitely just made up "theft of electricity":

    "Theft of electricity" my ass.

    3. This boss who's absolutely soulless:

    4. This boss who really said, "COVID who?"

    5. This boss who was too little, too late with their kind words:

    6. This boss who added hours onto their employees' workday:

    7. This boss who shouldn't have even bothered with this "gift":

    8. Same with this boss:

    9. This boss who might as well be charging their customers for breathing:

    10. This boss who has no empathy for animals:

    11. This boss who apparently doesn't listen:

    12. This boss didn't seem to consider the fact that someone else might want a slice of pie:

    13. This boss who is HURTING MY BRAIN:

    14. This boss who is outrageously stingy:

    15. This boss who needs a better accountant...and some empathy:

    16. This boss who blatantly disregards their employee's peanut allergy:

    17. And this boss who needs to give this employee a MASSIVE raise: