These 16 Things Are The Biggest Flex, Period

    Are you flexing right now?

    There are certain qualities that make a person innately cool. That's just how the cookie crumbles.

    While you most likely do not possess all of these qualities, there's a good chance you have at least a few them!

    Here are 16 of the ultimate flexes, according to Twitter:


    Being good friends with your cousins is the biggest flex >>>>>>>


    after you graduate the same boys that treated you like trash or turned you down in high school be the same ones that hit you up a few months later saying “when did you get sooo fine” and the biggest flex is getting to turn them down now.


    Ngl getting told you have nice eyes is the biggest flex


    clear pee is the biggest flex


    The biggest flex is using mobile data in your own home because the WiFi is being slow.


    Proving to a computer that you’re human is the biggest flex of our time ....


    i just saw someone with a bumper sticker that says “i may be old but i got to see all the cool bands” and i have to admit that is the biggest flex 😭


    being super close with your mom is the biggest flex


    Getting married young and actually making it work is the biggest flex!!


    Having pretty toes is the biggest flex


    buying the 50 piece mcnugget is the biggest flex


    Having a sleeping schedule is the biggest flex of 2020


    Being bilingual is the biggest flex


    animals & babies liking u is the biggest flex


    the biggest flex is owning those prescription glasses THAT TURN INTO SUNGLASSES WHEN YOU GO OUTSIDE LIKE THOSE R SO SWAG 😎


    Owning a stable of horses is the biggest flex imaginable. "I spend 600k a year to have these giant monsters shit on my property."