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    17 Unbelievable Things People Found In Thrift Stores That'll Make You Genuinely Angry You Didn't Find Them First

    Sustainable shopping apparently has many perks, aside from helping the planet.

    I 👏 love 👏 thrifting 👏. I'm also nosey, which means I love to see what great finds other people have nailed down at their local consignment stores. The best place on the internet for me to fulfill this need is r/ThriftStoreHauls. Here are my 17 favorite things I've seen on the subreddit over the past year:

    1. "An epic FB Marketplace find for $150. It's like a '90s Nickelodeon show fever dream."

    A piece of furniture from Facebook Marketplace

    2. "I found a locked safe for $15, and it was full of money, gold, and silver!"

    3. "35 bucks at Goodwill. I've peaked."

    An old lamp

    4. "I've found interesting things in thrifted suit pockets before, but never $2,000 in cash."

    5. "This old lady was selling her painted baby dolls at the flea market, and nobody had bought any. It was $20, but I couldn’t find it in me to haggle her down. She told me she made the suit by hand. My new fav office decoration!"

    A Joker doll

    6. "Best $1 I've ever spent."

    A drawing of a fat cat

    7. "I found these three gorgeous 1950s party dresses for $1 each at an estate sale!"

    A woman modeling dresses she bought for $1 apiece

    8. "I bought these fancy light switch plates for $2 a piece."

    A wall of light switch plates

    9. "I got this Bob Saget autograph for $14."

    An autographed photo of Bob Saget

    10. "Found this stack of books coffee table and brought it home immediately 📚."

    A coffee table shaped like a bag of books

    11. "I found a Dyson fan and space heater 2-in-1 at the goodwill bins for $3. The specific model had a recall for overheating and catching fire. I called Dyson, and they replaced it with the next model (which retailed for $400-$500)."

    A Dyson fan and space heater

    12. "Lu was pleased with this $3 bed."

    A cat sitting on a cat bed

    13. "I paid $14.99 for this 1970s RMIC hand chair."

    A hand chair

    14. "Thrift score of the century. These were on the 50% off shelf, so I spent $4.21 total on these babies!!!!! Literally near perfect condition."

    Crock pots

    15. "Got married in my $30 wedding dress. Thanks, Goodwill!"

    A bride and groom

    16. "My $100 womb's most definitely a reproduction, but even those sell for $1,000-plus. I have officially peaked."

    A womb chair

    17. And finally, "I never would’ve thought that I’d see the white and gold dress in real life! And yet, here it was in a random thrift store."

    A blue and black dress

    Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.