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18 Of The Best Pumpkin Carvings I've Honestly Ever Seen In My Life

Now that's art.

1. This pumpkin that actually looks very delicious and welcoming, aside from the whole "Kentucky Fried Children" part.

2. This pumpkin that looks like it could be the poster for an indie movie.

3. This pumpkin that I can't stop looking at, but I also never want to see again.

4. This pumpkin that would scare the shit out of Marlin and Dory.

5. This sculpture that laughs in the face of every singular carved pumpkin.

Went to pumpkin carving thingy it was so much fun the Dino’s where my favorite part of the experience.

6. This pumpkin that honors the one meme that'll truly never get old.

7. This couple's pumpkins that are transporting me to alternate universes.

8. This pumpkin that loves the song "Cannibal" by Kesha a little too much.

9. These pumpkins that are giving Frankenstein a run for his money.

10. This pumpkin that really isn't helping my fear of clowns.

11. This pumpkin that only a true Swiftie could pull off.

Another @taylorswift13 pumpkin carving that I did tonight πŸŽƒβœ¨πŸ§‘ @taylornation13

12. This pumpkin whose inspiration deserves ALL the pets.

13. This pumpkin that puts all other Star Wars fan art to shame.

14. This pumpkin that's hoping to get lucky this Halloween season.

15. This pumpkin that pays homage to the most stressful cartoon ever created.

16. This pumpkin that's guaranteed to make a Minecraft fan smile.

17. These pumpkins that'll light up the hearts of Avatar: The Last Airbender stans.

18. And this pumpkin that's serving a 2020-worthy smile.