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Men Are Sharing The Best Compliments They've Ever Gotten From A Woman, And It's An Inside Look At Their Brains

Contrary to popular belief, men do have feelings.

Nothing boosts the spirit like an unexpected compliment — whether it's from a loved one or a stranger.


People tend to assume that women enjoy compliments more than men, but alas, this is not true. Reddit user u/SpacedGeek recently asked men to share the best compliment they've ever received from a woman, and the responses came flooding in. Here are some of the top-rated submissions:

1. “'The kids are really lucky that you’re their dad.' I was wondering if I’d been doing well as a dad and felt kind of depressed, but hearing that from my sweet wife reaffirmed that I was doing okay."

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2. "One time I got a new haircut and a girl I was talking to at the time said, 'Before you were cute, now you’re handsome.'"


3. "A coworker who I would walk to the bus station with said, 'I feel safe with you,' and as a big hairy dude with resting murder face and a deep voice, that was something absolutely new to me. It's been six years and I still think about that compliment."


4. "I walked by a young lady walking into a restaurant. She stopped and came back in to tell me I smell great. I smiled the rest of the day."


5. "I used to work a dirty job that also had me staying in hotels. I walked by a pretty girl at the front desk, we nodded heads at each other as I went to my room to clean up. When I came back through to get something to eat in their restaurant, she had a shocked look on her face and said, 'Damn, you clean up nice!' I still remember it 25 years later."



6. "One time, a buddy of mine was making fun of my hat and a random hot chick said, 'No! It looks super good on you.' I wore that hat almost every day after for three years until it wore out."


7. "I was told — by a rather drunk lady — that my voice made her ovaries twitch. I'm used to having people tell me I should be on radio, but that one was unique."


8. "'Me: It's not like I have women all over me, I don't know why you think I'm a catch.' Her: 'I don't know why you think you're not.'"


9. "I'm 21 years old and I was at the orthodontist getting a retainer fixed. My nurse who was probably only a few years older than me told me I had really nice blue eyes, while her fingers were all in my mouth. I'm gonna hold onto that one for awhile."



10. "A girl once told me I saved her life because (unbeknownst to me) she was battling depression when I happened to show up with her favorite Starbucks drink to congratulate her on her new job. You never know the impact your small deeds could have on someone."


11. "My really sweet teenage niece told her mom (my sister) that I was the kind of guy she wanted to marry one day. All very innocent and it melted me."


12. "My friend hugged me and after she released the hug, she placed her hand on my stomach while talking to me and exclaimed in a room full of party guests (including my crush at the time), 'Have you been f*cking working out!?!' I was so embarrassed, but happy too because I was a little insecure about myself."


13. "I got onto an elevator at the last minute one time and an older lady said it reminded her of Indiana Jones."


14. "Shortly after I graduated from college, I got this e-mail from my best friend’s girlfriend. Not having much of a life, I was a frequent third wheel on their dates. She was a year behind us, so she was still in college after I had finished. Anyway, she just goes on and on in this e-mail about how much she misses seeing me around campus and hanging out with me. The line that stuck with me was, 'Of all the people I know, you’re the one I most want to see happy.'"


15. "During Halloween, I took off my mask and some girl said, 'Damn, you should keep that mask off more often.'"


16. "A friend once told me if she ever did shrooms, I would be the person whom she'd want looking out for her."


17. And finally, "That my cock and balls were 100% perfectly proportioned to each other — like hand-model quality, but for cock and balls."

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