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    17 People Who Got A Tattoo Then Quite Possibly Passed Out After They Saw It

    "C'ect la vie."

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to show us their worst tattoos. Here are their responses:

    1. "What's left of my #yolo tattoo. I was 16 and loved Drake. Now I'm 24 and still love Drake, so no regrets."

    2. "Wiz Khalifa."

    3. "I went through a Panic! at the Disco phase and I stick-and-poked an exclamation point on my pinky. Not my best work."

    4. "A week after I moved 2,000 miles away from everything I knew, my dog, aka my best friend, was hit and killed by a train. I was heartbroken and really wanted a tattoo to honor her. THIS is what I ended up with."

    5. "Saw this bad boy on Tinder today."

    6. "My boyfriend and his stepdad, who was the artist, came up with this tattoo. It doesn't even make sense for the quote to go with a fucking object that was made to sink. I'm just glad it's on my back so I don't ever have to look at it."

    7. "Yeah...I hate myself."

    8. "Stars on my thigh. Started doing stick and poke to impress a woman who said she loved men with tattoos. No idea why. I'm already covered in professionally done tats. Wish that I'd have learned to draw first."

    9. "Jesis Chrost."

    10. "My cousin's first. I'm legit sad."

    11. "To be fair, I did it myself, I was 20, and I was stoned."

    12. "Yikes."

    13. "The day I turned 18 I learned exactly how NOT to get a tattoo. Tipsy. Stoned. At the new local tattoo shop where I let some random dude tattoo me forever."

    14. "Ok, so the tattoo wasn’t bad originally, I just made it bad. I scratched at it too much and prevented the ink from setting. Then a new stretch mark went through it, so it really just looks patchy and wonky now."

    15. "C'est la vie. Spelled wrong. How ironic. FML."

    16. "Screw cancer."


    17. "Rick Moranis from Streets of Fire saying the phrase from the movie, 'It’s the shits.'"

    Some submissions have been edited for grammar/clarity.