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    18 Retail Customers Who — Let Me Put This Nicely — Are Terrible Humans

    Stop treating stores like they're your house!

    1. Whoever had butterfingers in aisle five.

    just heard a customer two aisles over go “Hey, I think this is that special glass that doesn’t shatter when you drop it” followed by the sound of shattering glass. i hate retail

    2. Whoever did Bed Bath & Beyond dirty like this.

    u/Halcyon0n0n / Via

    3. Whoever thought Puma was a department store.

    I hate working retail. This lady really gonna throw a fit because we don't sell fenty beauty. First of all you're at a PUMA outlet store.

    4. Whoever let their child (tornado?) do this.

    u/treclays / Via

    5. Whoever just really felt like rubbing it in.

    when u work in retail n some arsehole tells u its a shame ur missin a lovely day ootside

    6. Whoever couldn't put two and two together.

    I hate retail jobs. I have my uniform on, my head piece and radio on me and I say to this woman “how can I help you?” This woman looks me dead in the eye and asks “do you work here” Rebecca I just enjoy spending my monday afternoons hanging out at Staples

    7. Whoever treated this dressing room like they treat their bedroom (aka like shit).

    u/The_Bastard_Henry / Via

    8. Whoever felt like robbing the store employee wasn't enough.

    One time when I was working in retail a man walked in & asked if any of us had a lighter so I said “here borrow mine” and then he just drove home with it. Then he came back like two hours later & robbed the store.

    9. Makes you wonder if it was the same person who burned off these security tags.

    u/Birdgang_naj / Via

    10. Whoever thought anyone would find this joke funny.

    *item won't scan* customer: guess it's free then ha ha ha my mind: GUesS iTz fr3E tH3N Ha!!hA!!haAhH

    11. Whoever couldn't accept that they made the trip to the wrong store.

    @G0dFirst customer: is *item* on sale here? me: no, it’s not. sorry. customer: well it’s on sale at *list other stores* THEN GO BUY IT THERE TF

    12. Whoever thought they had the right to just leave their Fritos wrapper in the pocket of these pants.

    u/mrnanovideos1 / Via

    13. Whoever decided to mosey on in a few minutes before closing time.

    14. Whoever thought they had the right to comment on an employee's body.

    2 months after giving birth I went back to work in retail. A woman came in & told me I should wear skirts to hide my weight. Last week a woman told me I cant wear sports bras @ work because it makes my boobs look saggy. Old women have the most to say about another woman’s body

    15. Whoever assumed no one would notice they replaced their old crappy basketball with a brand new one. Yes, I'm looking at you, Stephanie.

    u/wtb2612 / Via

    16. Whoever couldn't take no for an answer.

    @G0dFirst Customer: Do you have a size 34? Me: No what you see is what we have Customer: Can you check in the stockroom Me:

    17. Whoever opened all of these cat food cans and just left them on the shelf.

    u/BassToYourFace / Via


    18. Jake Paul :/

    I dare you to leave retail employees and customers alone and not touch anything

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