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15 Gender Reveal Cakes That People Not Only Thought Of, But Actually Baked Into Existence

IT'S one cares.

1. Because boys are defined by their athleticism and girls are defined by how they look in a pink skirt, I guess.

2. And we should totally make sexual innuendos at a baby party, right?

3. Gotta love bringing the gender binary of video games to our favorite dessert!

4. Boys should be violent and girls should play with sparkles, of course.

5. Men go "vroom vroom" and women wear bows!

A cake that says "burnouts or bows?"

6. Are women just viewed as walking piles of sparkles? Apparently so!

7. Wait until they find out that women haven't had to wear heels to work in decades.

8. Let's make a gender reveal cake that looks like a baby's ass! Super appetizing!

9. Getting real tired of the girls' side of these things being bow-, sparkle-, or clothing-related.

10. I guess these are both hair-related, but still stupid nonetheless.

11. Aaaaand now we're bringing deer into the mix because the gender of a human baby is apparently as definitive as a fawn.

Twitter: @vwolfstarsimpv

12. Seems as though only boys are destined to become police. I could have sworn I'd seen a female cop before!

13. Speaking of cops, whoever made these needs to be arrested.

What happened to just a simple, elegant cake for your gender reveal party?

Twitter: @CeCePleasants

14. Why'd they have to do the poor cake lady like that? Also, WOMEN WEAR JEANS TOO.

15. And I hate to leave you with this, but...*sigh.*

Twitter: @dttah0