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    Updated on Jun 4, 2019. Posted on Jun 3, 2019

    Apple Announced A New Tip Feature On Their Watch And The Crowd Went Wild

    Math teachers: read at your own risk.

    Hey guys! I'm a writer, otherwise known as "bad at math."

    So it's safe to say that I felt nothing but pure joy when I learned that Apple announced a new tip calculator as part of their watch update at the World Wide Developers Conference today.


    Apparently the whole crowd was thrilled as well.

    Crowd blown away as Apple announces new "tip" feature on their native Apple Watch calculator app. Wild. #WWDC19

    The feature tells you how you should split the bill (and tip) among friends. AKA "I'll figure it out and Venmo you later" could possibly become a thing of the past.


    As well as having to use that annoying thing called a calculator.


    There doesn't appear to be a solution for when there's that one friend who's always like, "Um guys I actually didn't get a drink so it's not really fair for me to split it evenly."


    But maybe that will be part of the next update. In the meantime, it's still less work, so math haters REJOICE!


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