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15 Anti-Vaxxers Who Really Put The Cherry On Top Of The Nightmare That Was 2021

I don't know what I'm more scared of: Omicron, or these people.

1. This person who has more faith in a potato than the vaccine:

2. This person who's giving their dad everything but the doctor's orders:

3. This person who ACTUALLY has no idea what they're putting in their body: 

4. This person who assaulted a healthcare worker:

5. This person who legitimately believes the vaccine makes you gay:

6. This person who's grasping at straws:

7. This person who should probably look up the definition of vaccine:

8. This person who had a whole lotta rage over a cookie:

9. This person who probably regrets cashing in on that vax card:

10. This person who should really give their new regimen a second thought:

11. This person who doesn't realize that Swine flu and H1N1 are the same thing:

12. This person who made no points:

13. This person who either hasn't seen the news or is in complete denial:

14. This person who really just referred to unvaccinated people as "PureBloods":

15. And finally, this person who at least admitted their wrongdoing: