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13 Times People Roasted Anti-Vaxxers So Hard, They Were Burned To A Crisp

It's getting old.

1. This person who's gonna need all the luck in the world to successfully boycott Shake Shack:

2. This person whose flawed logic was torn apart:

"I know people that got the vaccine and still got covid; It's a waste of time"; "I know people who wore seatbelts but still died; seatbelts are a waste of time"

3. This Olympian who was served a heaping dish of karma:

4. This person whose only source was Google:

5. These people who were quite hypocritical in their accusations toward Simone Biles:

6. This person who's on the wrong side of history:

7. This person who made the mistake of questioning the CDC's validity:

Rant from facepalm

8. This person who is actually one of the "dumb ones" they speak of:

9. These people who absolutely should not apply this "bridge" logic:

10. This person who didn't really think about how the whole black plague thing turned out before they decided to send this tweet:

11. This person whose idea of faith is all messed up:

12. This person who somehow found a way to bring cancer deaths into the vaccine debate:

13. And finally, these people who are now part of the "experiment," whether they like it or not:

H/T: r/facepalm.