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    23 Times Coworkers Were Rude, Inconsiderate, Annoying, Aggressive, And Unhinged

    I can't with these people.

    1. This coworker who couldn't keep their mouth shut:

    2. This coworker who stole all the tips:

    3. This coworker who ratted on their colleague for making a TikTok about smoking weed, and got them fired:

    4. This coworker who's still trying to get their colleague to cover their shifts, even after they quit:

    5. This coworker who's a little too proud of their love of capitalism:

    6. This coworker who's a billionaire defender:

    7. This coworker who's spreading harmful fake science:

    8. This coworker who committed the office food crime of the century:

    9. This coworker who's feared by all dry erase markers:

    10. And this coworker who's feared by all staplers:

    11. This coworker who left a disgusting surprise for their colleague in the work van:

    12. This coworker who lied about someone being able to cover their shift:

    13. This coworker who put their dirty paws on every single donut:

    14. This coworker who's clearly way too sensitive:

    15. This coworker who doesn't respect other people's property:

    16. These coworkers who park like total jerks:

    17. These coworkers who need to wash their grody hands:

    18. This coworker who treats the bathroom like their home kitchen:

    19. These coworkers who ate the best part:

    20. This coworker who's just blatantly incorrect:

    21. This coworker who crossed some serious boundaries:

    22. This coworker who's a walking contradiction:

    23. And finally, this coworker who needs to share just a little bit less online: