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    24 Distracting "Out Of The Ordinary" Photos To Shake Up Your Boring Workday

    Just some little harmless things to distract us from the big, scary thing called life.

    1. This pizzeria that uses a dough ball instead of plastic to keep its pies intact:

    A dough ball in the middle of a round pizza pie

    2. This person that has a fox living in their hedge:

    Fox in a hedge in a garden

    3. This grocery store that puts stickers over media characters on any packaging that's marketed to children:

    Smart Dogs hot dog packaging with image covered with "We don't market to kids" sticker

    4. This school's homework on metaphors that uses Tupac Shakur's poetry as an example:

    Tupac's poem "The Rose That Grew From Concrete" in a test about metaphors

    5. These cat bed instructions that are the cutest thing I've ever seen:

    "Your cat will figure it out" in an illustrated cat showing how the cat will enjoy the cat bed

    6. This tall, skinny snowman made with buckets:

    A very tall snowman with arms

    7. This company whose shipping boxes are marked as "all-purpose flour" to deter people from stealing:

    A box labeled "Natural white all-purpose flour"

    8. This dual COVID and flu testing kit:

    9. This plant that grew out of a carpet:

    A plant emerging from a rug

    10. This view of the aurora borealis from an airplane:

    The northern lights through an airplane window

    11. This moldy ricotta that's actually kind of pretty:

    Ricotta in a container with a dark purplish blue on top

    12. This vacuum cleaner that looks like the Predator:

    Upright vacuum cleaner with what looks like a scary face

    13. This cloud that looks like a hat:

    A cloud shaped like a brimmed hat above water

    14. This apple with an apple on it (meta):

    An apple with the shape of an apple on its skin

    15. This Minnesota creek that's a winter wonderland:

    A snowy wood with a creek

    16. This donut shop that's shaped like a Krispy Kreme box:

    A mall donut shop kiosk in the shape of a Krispy Kreme box

    17. This person's homemade "cheese cave":

    A fridge containing nothing but labeled cheese in containers, plastic bags, and jars

    18. This gigantic Toblerone:

    A Toblerone several times larger than the banana next to it

    19. These $1,000 cigars at Walgreens:

    Talon cigars for $1,000 on the shelf

    20. This adorable soy sauce device:

    A soy sauce container in the shape of a fish

    21. This oven's Sabbath setting:

    Oven showing "Sabbath" setting

    22. This crocheted tire cover:

    A multicolored crocheted cover on a tire

    23. This person's (extremely dope) wall-mounted rotary phone collection:

    A collection of corded rotary phones in different colors hanging on a wall

    24. And finally, this imprinted skin that looks like nude leggings:

    Bare skin with the imprint of jeans on it

    H/T: r/mildlyinteresting.