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    Everyone Is Guessing What These Identical Tweets From Aaron Paul And Bryan Cranston Might Mean About The "Breaking Bad" Movie

    *zips up yellow hazmat suit*

    Remember Breaking Bad?


    That one show that was absolutely perfect from start to finish and didn't seemingly throw its finale together overnight?


    Well, we know that there's a Breaking Bad movie sequel coming out that will be centered around Aaron Paul's character Jesse Pinkman. It's just been unclear when it would be released and whether Bryan Cranston would be in it since his character Walt (5-year-old spoiler alert!) died in the last episode.


    But this morning Cranston and Paul both tweeted the SAME EXACT cryptic tweet, leading the internet to believe that Walter White WILL be returning. And that the movie is coming SOON.

    It's fair to say that people are very excited.

    Okay, so let's break this down. The animals in the pic appear to be mules (see below for further visual reference). The term "drug mule" means someone who smuggles drugs by either swallowing them/putting them somewhere in their body, or hiding them in a vehicle they're traveling in.

    Getty Images

    I'm thinking it's fair game to assume that our beloved Jesse Pinkman might be getting himself into some drug smuggling.


    And Bryan Cranston's participation in this Twitter exchange leads me to believe that he'll be appearing in the movie as well! You're probably asking yourself how that's possible if he's dead. Some people are speculating that he'll either appear as a flashback or a ghost.

    @huckleburied_ @Mu_sama @BryanCranston It's the sequel film of Breaking Bad. Yes, Cranston will return too. We don't know if in flashback or a sort of a ghost that torments Jessy mind.

    Some are wondering if he ever died at all.

    @ocmd73 @P_Betar @huckleburied_ @Mu_sama @BryanCranston welll we never really know if he died ...he could of just passed out with blood loss ?? saved him then arrest him, maybe jesse helps him escape in the movie ? who knows, but either way, I Can Not wait

    All I know is when Jesse Pinkman and Walter White say "soon," that means everybody better be keeping an eye out!!!


    What do you guys make of these tweets? Sound off in the comments below!