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15 Tweets About How LA Is Treating The Pandemic That Are Just...So LA

West Coast, mess coast :/.

1. This harsh truth.

Social distancing in LA means not seeing your friends you weren't going to see anyway

2. This drastic lifestyle change.

People in LA are so desperate for food that they’re actually starting to eat bread

3. This Double-Double dedication.

It's apparently going to take more than a plague to keep Angelenos from their double-doubles.

4. This life-threatening farmers market situation.

5. This necessary clarification.

Yall keep thinking people in LA are still gathering but some of these people are roommates .... rent is high!

6. This dating dilemma.

As couples everywhere settle into quarantine together, I’m sending my heartfelt condolences to all the dudes in LA dating multiple girls that don’t know about each other as they desperately try to figure out how to play this 😍 #LoveInTheTimeOfCorona

7. This fear of the elements.

When you're locked down in LA, but you wouldn't do shit anyways because it's raining outside. #LArain #COVID19

8. This outdoors addiction.

People in LA are literally trying to break into Runyon Canyon to fucking hike. AND THAT ISNT EVEN THE BEST HIKE IN LA. We are fucked.

9. This "fuck you" to drivers.

apparently social distancing in los angeles means jogging and walking in the middle of the street!

10. This casual career failure.

Social distancing in LA the usual way, announcing that my pilot didn't get picked up.

11. This ode to traffic.

I will gladly accept traffic back in exchange for health, wellness, jobs, high fives, handshakes, readily available toilet paper and sports.

12. This alternate reality.

Growing up in LA and seeing it turn into a ghost town bcuz of the pandemic is fucking INSANE !

13. This tragic observation.

It’s confirmed. People in LA drive WORSE when there are less cars on the road

14. This return to nature.

Wow. This is Los Angeles, CA today where the city’s namesake has returned for the first time since 1813. The earth is healing, we are the virus.

15. And finally, this Chrissy Teigen request.

i can’t believe I have to do this again but does anyone in LA have some Italian sausages or bratwursts

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