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    13 Disney Adults Who, For Better Or For Worse, Caught My Attention This Month

    The dedication is terrifying and inspiring at the same time.

    If you've been on the internet the past few years, you're probably aware that Disney adults do not have the best rep. Along with Harry Potter lovers, cheugy millennials, and Live Laugh Love homeowners, Disney grownups probably won't be able to shake their "cringe" label for decades to come.

    Whether you're on their side or not, there's one thing you can't deny: These folks are PASSIONATE. Here are 13 Disney adults who had me saying, "Not for me, but good for you I guess":

    1. This Disney adult who referenced "We don't talk about Bruno" at a government meeting:

    2. This Disney adult who discovered a magically cheap baguette:

    3. This Disney adult who goes nowhere without their Mickey Mouse heels:

    4. This Disney adult who's powered by bitch dust:

    5. This Disney adult who had a High School Musical-themed wedding (and had high hopes that the cast would show up):

    6. This Disney adult who recreated the Sleeping Beauty cake:

    7. This Disney adult who used the Disney font for their family funeral business:

    8. And this Disney adult who used the Disney font for their crude bumper sticker:

    i may not go down in history but i'll go down on your girl

    9. This Disney adult who has a peculiar taste in decor:

    10. This Disney adult who's a certified Wifey™:

    11. This Disney adult who has quite the peculiar family:

    12. This Disney adult who talks about sex with their partner using Disney GIFs:

    13. And finally, these Disney adults who are proud, childless millennials: