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    17 Fictional Characters Who Almost Definitely Can't Read

    Try to picture them holding a book. You can't.

    Our favorite pop-culture universes are full of colorful heroes with courageous souls and amazing abilities.

    But that doesn't always include book smarts, or even basic reading skills. Which fictional characters are most likely functionally illiterate?

    1. Gizmo

    2. Peter Pan

    3. Big Bird

    4. Luke Skywalker

    5. The Flintstones

    6. Frankenstein

    7. Clifford the Big Red Dog

    8. Harry Potter

    9. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

    10. Pikachu

    11. Pig-Pen

    12. Approximately half the people in Game of Thrones

    13. Winnie The Pooh

    14. Black Beauty

    15. Flipper

    16. The Hulk

    17. Goofy