Some Men Are Pretty Mad About Female “Ghostbusters”

Who you gonna call? Probably a Men’s Rights Message Board.

Even back when it was in the rumor stages, the Internet was expressing strong opinions about Bridesmaids director Paul Feig’s proposed all-female Ghostbusters remake.

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With many of those opinions ranging from “That sounds like a great idea,” to “Oh man, what a great idea.” A very understandable contingent of critics voiced the “Why reboot a classic?” opinion, which remains a great question, especially as Hollywood gets so unapologetically mired in reboot and sequel culture.

However, a still (thankfully) smaller contingent has really honed in on the real problem with the new installment of Ghostbusters.

@loudmouthjulia and I'm ok with reversing course and doing female ghostbusters, but why do you need all four of them to be women?

— Dan Bilicki (@danbilicki)

Why are they remaking Ghostbusters with 4 women? I'm all for equal rights but come on!

— Wozza (@Wozza5882)

Lazy Hollywood film making "let's make a ghostbusters remake but with women!" Only soccer moms and feminist bimbos will watch that trash.

— Joel (@JRwrz)

Why are they turning the #Ghostbusters franchise into Charlie's Angles? Reboots are crap anyway but think I've already written this one off.

— Matt (@matt_metallica)

Well my day just got ruined... #Ghostbusters. All female cast burns me out. A gender mixed team with a female lead wouldn't bug me but this?

— Will Johnson (@cloud9462)

New Ghostbusters cast being all female is just Hollywood pandering

— Pokemonye West (@PokemonyeWest)

Mark my words, the Ghostbusters reboot will be both pandering to feminazi's and completely unfunny to anyone not already a Michael Bay fan.

— Mcfly McMurderface (@Mcfly_McMurder)

12. With a rumored cast of Bridesmaids’ Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy, and SNL’s Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon, funny should be a safe bet.

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